Hospital Serenade Viewed Almost 200 000 Times

Hospital Serenade Viewed Almost 200 000 Times

MOSSEL BAY NEWS & VIDEO- A video of a man who played his accordion at sunrise on Wednesday, 21 July, outside Life Bay View Private Hospital in Mossel Bay, has touched many people.

His song was captured on video by an administration staffer at the hospital, Charlotte Barnard.

She shared it with the Mossel Bay Advertiser. It was a tribute to the man’s wife, a Covid-19 patient in the hospital.

“He played it for his wife because she loves his music so much. He asked that a window be opened for her to hear him play, letting her know he was there.

“Most of the other patients also heard him play. I hope he comes again. We need it, since we are on our knees and feeling low,” Barnard told the Advertiser.

The video went live on both the Mossel Bay Advertiser and sister publication, George Herald, Facebook pages on Wednesday afternoon. Within 25 minutes, it was shared 348 times.

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At the time of going to press on Thursday, 22 July, according to the Advertiser’s Facebook page, the post was viewed 197 113 times, shared 1 400 times and 507 people commented.

The man was identified as Lukas du Preez (64), a labour advocate residing in George. His daughter, Lurinda Fourie, told the Advertiser her mother, Marinda (66), had been in hospital for almost two weeks.

The couple have been married for 40 years.



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